Viridian Sciences is Cannabis Seed-To-Sale Software Built on SAP Business One

Viridian Sciences offers all-in-one business management software solutions for the cannabis industry. Built on the framework and security of SAP Business One, you can be assured that your company remains secure and compliant. Our mission is to help you grow your business by providing the world's leading enterprise resource planning technology while helping your company adhere to government regulations with complete legal compliance. Our software enables your cannabusiness to run efficiently with automated inventory tracking, seed-to-sale reporting, financial accounting, grow management, quality control, and many other essential tools to help you succeed. Grow your cannabusiness with our industry leading, cutting-edge, cannabis seed-to-sale software solution.

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Producers & Cultivators

Producers & Cultivators

Don’t waste time on processes that can be automated. Focus on what matters in your cannabusiness – growing cannabis. With automated seed-to-sale reporting, accounting, integration with State systems, automated lab result applcations, audit-ready record keeping and an all-in-one software offering, Viridian Sciences solution powered by SAP is second to none and the only solution producers need.

Processors & Extractors

Processors & Extractors

Viridian’s processing module manages the packaging process and full spectrum of extraction processes, and records state required metrics at each step. All extractions and infused edible inventories are batch tracked with integrated lab results, just like finished good bud.  However you process your bud, track everything in our system from harvest to delivery.

Testing Laboratories

Testing Laboratories

Testing processes and records are stored in a centralized database for easy reporting, analysis, and result delivery. Integrate with your clients to streamline the testing process through automated messaging and alerts. Data output files can be automatically uploaded to your system, sent to your clients, and applied to their manifests all in less than a click. Improve your data integrity and reliability by choosing Viridian Sciences powered by SAP.

Dispensaries & Retailers

Dispensaries & Retailers

Streamline purchasing by automating transactions with processors, or manage your entire vertically integrated enterprise under one tool.  However your business is set-up, Viridian Science’s Point-of-Sale system, task management application and SAP tie-ins provide retailers the same automated inventory management, financial accounting, and customized reporting in addition to essential POS functionality and barcoding.

Viridian Sciences
Governmental Bodies

Governmental Bodies

Viridian Sciences goes beyond just seed to sale. Our government solution allows states, counties, cities to manage the cannabis industry as a whole from an inventory, financial, sales, tax, and compliance standpoint all in one centralized solution. This offering allows the highest level of transparency and control for governments who are looking for an all-around cannabis tracking system

Our Technology Stack Is Proven

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How is Viridian Sciences Different?

SAP Gold Partner

Viridian Sciences prides itself on being the ONLY true Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for the cannabis industry.  Not only are we the sole ERP provider in the cannabis space, we utilize the world’s best ERP system in SAP – used by a majority of Fortune 500 companies.  Running our software replaces the need for cannabusinesses to run ANY other form of software.  By having your entire business managed in one place, you save tons of invaluable time and money in such a critical juncture of the cannabis industry.  Our software is for those who seek to gain a significant competitive advantage in the market, want to run their business as efficiently and productively as possible, and want to be on the cutting-edge of software technology as we know it.

Extremely Flexible

Our turn-key software solution is robust and all-encompassing, but we believe in continuous improvement and work with clients to better optimize our solution to better serve their business.  Our implementation involves a full configuration to replicate specific workflows and business processes in the system.  Not only do we tailor the software for cannabusinesses in general, we tailor it for specific clients as well.


In-depth analysis of business operations are provided in 100 out-of-box automated reports including financials, sales, purchasing, production, banking, inventory, human resources, and much more.  Users can also have custom reports developed quickly and easily with information relevant to specific business analysis. Print, e-mail or publish reports online.  Secure access to reports available from any Internet-enabled device in a multitude of formats: XLS, CSV, DOC, PDF, XML, HTML and TXT.


Typical corporate ERP implementations can last years and cost millions.  With our business model we can offer the same benefits, with a MUCH quicker implementation at MUCH more affordable prices for small and medium sized enterprises in the cannabis industry.  Our Enterprise offering allows customers to purchase our solution as an asset for a one-time upfront cost. The Subscription offering allows businesses to get in affordably, comparable to the cost of inferior software substitutes.

Software as a Service

We will work with your business to deliver the results you expect from the world’s leading supplier of centralized cannabusiness management solutions. We value each client and work to be your greatest advocate for success.  Our software clients enjoy a full spectrum of services including implementation, system configuration, custom develoement/reporting, support, general consulting, license application assistance and more.  We’re here to help, don’t be afraid to ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Secure & Modern Code

You can input and access your company’s data securely from any Internet-enabled device. You are free from the burden of purchasing, managing and maintaining expensive IT hardware. Have us host your solution through one of the world’s most secure cloud-based servers in Microsoft Azure.  Our in-house IT team performs all system maintenance, updates and upgrades for our clients.  Our versatile development team utilizes the latest and greatest programming practices to produce ongoing improvements and additions to your solution.

Unparalleled Support

Our highly trained support team is fully dedicated to the ongoing success of our clients’ businesses. We provide support by phone, email, Skype or online ticketing within normal and extended business hours. Client’s are granted guaranteed response times from our support team ranging from 1-24 hours, meaning you’re guaranteed to hear from us within a day. We also offer support packages providing clients with free custom development hours.  Worry not, with the top-rated support service in the industry at your disposal.

We Could Be Great Together

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