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Track and manage your entire hemp operation with software robust enough to handle the job. Viridian Sciences is built for Hemp cultivators on world-class ERP software from SAP Business One. With clients of all sizes, we are equipped to help your business grow.

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Viridian Sciences Hemp Software

Whether you are cultivating phytocannabinoid-rich hemp for CBD or exploring the myriad of opportunities presented by the industrial hemp market, success in the burgeoning hemp industry depends on the strategic implementation of dedicated seed-to-sale and ERP systems. 

Viridian Sciences is a robust and highly advanced hemp cultivation ERP designed from the ground up to help you run your hemp operation as effectively and efficiently as possible while maximizing your profit margins and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Here are just some of the powerful features provided by Viridian Sciences. 

  • Cultivation Management
  • Seed-to-sale-tracking
  • Costing and Valuation
  • Equipment Management 
  • Processing and Extraction
  • Lab Testing and Samples
  • Crop Cycle Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Financials and Tax Reporting



Cultivation Management

From just a handful of plants in a breading program to large-scale acreage, successful hemp cultivation requires a system that can track and manage the operation from end to end. Viridian Sciences facilitates the tracking of inventory, soil conditions, irrigation, nutrients, pesticides, foliar sprays, labor hours, equipment, and much more to optimize production and to capture your true costs.


Hemp Seed/Clone-to-Sale Tracking

These days you simply cannot run an above-board hemp farming or processing operation without a robust seed-to-sale tracking system. Viridian Sciences was created by cannabis growers that understand the range of tagging and tracking requirements from seedling, to individual plants and crops, harvest, curing, processing, lab testing, distribution, and retail sale.


Costing and Valuation

Having an accurate cost of your finished goods is essential to maximizing your profit margin. Moreover, acquiring affordable crop insurance is proving to be one of the most difficult resources to acquire in the highly regulated hemp industry. Having an all-inclusive system greatly simplifies the daunting task of costing. Viridian Sciences facilitates the calculation of the exact cost and value of your crop.


Farm Equipment Management

Whether growing hemp indoors or outside, every piece of equipment on the farm from tractors and combines, to lighting and irrigation systems, to bud sorters and trimmers needs to be monitored and tracked from both a financial and use perspective. Viridian Sciences was developed from the ground up to track equipment used in the cultivation and processing of hemp.


Processing and Extraction

Whether you are extracting high-quality essential oils and concentrates or processing raw hemp for fiber or seeds, meticulously tracking the process is not a choice but a requirement. Viridian Sciences offers a robust system for tracking all data points associated with processing and extraction.


Lab Testing and Sample Management

Hemp cultivators and processors today are turning to science to assure optimal growing conditions, high-quality end products, and regulatory compliance. Whether you use 3rd party, state-managed, and/or in-house testing, Viridian Sciences hemp cultivation software can help you track everything from soil quality (microbiological, nutrients, moisture, etc.), to final product lab results (potency, contaminants, etc.)


R&D and Crop Cycle Management

Slight variations in how a specific hemp cultivar is grown can make a tremendous difference in yield. Managing research and development data and utilizing it to maximize yields can be difficult. Viridian Science’s crop cycle management system stores all data related to individual crops so you can identify the exact differences that lead to higher yields. 

Inventory Management

Whether you’re a grower or processor managing batch inventory, or a manufacturer managing an inventory of end products, Viridian Sciences offers robust inventory tracking features. 

Vendor Relationship Management

The quality and value of your biomass is directly reflected in your cost of goods. These costs are determined in part by how well you manage your vendor relationships. Properly managing these relationships requires more than just price sheets. With Viridian Sciences built-in CRM and financials, your hemp operation will be able to create and manage the personal business relationships and contracts.

Human Resources Management 

Your employees are your most valuable asset. But managing human resources can be cumbersome. Viridian Sciences provides you with the ability to track training, contracts, reviews, activities, and performance. 

Regulatory Management

In this highly regulated hemp industry, transparency is critical. Viridian Sciences maintains an army of researchers that work with governments to assure regulatory compliance is built into our systems. Viridian Sciences is designed to make regulatory reporting a breeze for hemp farmers. 

Financial Management

Viridian Sciences isn’t just another seed-to-sale application or bookkeeping app. Our robust hemp ERP is built on the SAP Business One platform, the world’s leading ERP system. The application includes a full suite of financial tracking and analysis and tax reporting tools.


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Device Agnostic

We provide access to our cannabis business software on any internet connected device, including TVs, Desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones, and can operate on Windows, Mac, or Linux.



Our partnership with technology’s largest names allow us to provide a secure connection to all of our products.


Get Data

We fully believe “The real power is in the data.” With an unlimited amount of possibilities, we can help you look deeper into the data behind your business with built in reports, custom Crystal reports, Excel, SQL and more.


Plan Your Resources

Any true enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution offers material requirements planning (MRP), production planning, scheduling, and an inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. Start to predict and plan your business instead of only reacting.