Cannabis POS System for Dispensaries

Retailer’s Point of Sale

World leading financial reporting software 

You can create custom analytics based on your business.  Use your analytics to build budgets, create forecasts, manage MRP,  as well as manage projects all through advances business analytics.

Universal Sales

Sell to everyone at any time. If its B2B, B2C, on the floor or door to door our mobile sales anywhere platform will allow you to maximize your potential. Our Fulfillment suite allows for full manifest management, delivery and route management one or multiple stops, with google’s traveling salesman maps assistance so you have the most efficient route.   

Truly device agnostic

Use the tools that work for your business. Our solution is compatible with all modern technology. So if you are a Mac user, PC user, or never get off your phone or tablet our solution will work around the world.

Full Secure Cloud

Access to the system through any device, when and where your sales and dispensary teams need it.

The Sales suite also includes:

Document Management and Generation

Have a full audit trail and chain of custody. Have all your essential documents in an easy to find location, from contracts and receipts to employee reviews and hazardous material reports.

Email Integration

Not only does Viridian Sciences offer integrated email it can also natively host and integrate with the entire MS office suite including outlook.

Campaign Management 

Target the right people with tailored marketing campaigns. Communicate the right message for the right audience.

Contact Management (CRM) 

In addition to having the right contacts track general service calls to better service your customers. Create a knowledge base to hold solutions of known issues to quickly track issues and service your customers.  

Opportunity Management 

Manage your sales opportunities and pipeline. Regardless if you have a small sales team or are managing channels worldwide our Sales Opportunity module and tools will give your team a competitive edge


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Device Agnostic

We provide access to you cannabis business information on any internet-connected device, including TVs, Desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. Viridian Sciences can operate on Windows, Mac, or Linux.



Our partnership with technology’s largest names allows us to provide a secure connection to all of our products.


Get Data

We fully believe “The real power is in the data.” With an unlimited amount of possibilities, we can help you look deeper into the data behind your business with built in reports, custom Crystal reports, Excel, SQL and more.


Plan Your Resources

Any true Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution offers material requirements planning (MRP), production planning, scheduling, and an inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. Start to predict and plan your business instead of only reacting.

Custom Cannabis Pricing Lists

With our software for cannabis retailers and dispensaries you can set up completely custom price lists.  You can set up pricing for customers, sets of customers (ie: veterans discount), volume discounting, and more!

Custom Cannabis Pricing Lists
Configurable Point of Sale for Dispensaries

Configurable Point of Sale for Dispensaries

Our point of sale is completely configurable!  Customers or Patients?  Allow product intake in POS? Want to accept credit cards?  How many receipts do you want to print?  Want to force printing receipts?  All completely configurable from the back-end.

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Laboratory Testing

Our laboratory testing module allows users to create any amount of tests they want, with whatever fields they want.  Diseases and effects can be created and mapped.  Mapping effects to compounds allows users to map out which products are best for which effects or diseases.  This is great for reporting, labeling, real-time inventory, patient to product suggestions, marketing and more.

  • Custom test fields
  • Disease tracking
  • Effect tracking
  • Relationships between diseases, effects, and compounds
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Laboratory Testing
Custom Labeling for Cannabis

Custom Labeling for Cannabis

Viridian Sciences' integration with Crystal Reports allows your team or ours to create 100% custom labels for your products.  Whether listing patient information, collective info, FDA food product labelling, barcodes, or anything else you may want to print on your labels, we can help!

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Just-In-Time Cannabis Ordering

With the help of SAP and it’s advanced statistics engine we are able to generate predicted item usage and generate orders for new supplies before you run out. This includes even more advanced features such as

  • Procurement Scheduling Agreements
  • Tactical Ordering Forecast
  • Forecasting And Replenishment Management
Just In Time Cannabis Ordering
Cannabis Compliance for Processors

Cannabis Compliance for Dispensaries

Need to keep compliant with local state, city, county regulations?  We can help.  Whether that is through posting through real-time API’s offered by your jurisdictions, custom reports, or working directly with your legal representatives to ensure your system is compliant and secure.

Cannabis Terminal Accounting

Run reports on your point of sale terminals.  Know how much money each terminal has, see who ran transactions, where employees work best and more!

Cannabis Terminal Accounting
Cannabis Sample Management

Cannabis Sample Management

Easily distribute, weigh, keep track of, and report on samples provided for testing, sales, and even internal employee samples.

Cannabis Delivery Management

Our in-depth delivery and route management modules help you create deliveries, assign drivers and vehicles to routes.  We even utilize some of Google’s most advanced routing algorithms (Traveling Salesman) in order to help you plan a route with the least amount of distance between each delivery and your start and stop location.

Cannabis Delivery Management
Cannabis Customer Rewards program

Customer Rewards Program for Cannabis

Keep track of what customers or patients have been purchasing.  Tie this data into customer rewards programs, custom pricing and more!

Will-Call & Pickup for Cannabis

Want your customers to view your inventory online, and make an order for carry-out/will-call/pick-up? We can help!  Our solution allows retailers & dispensaries to list their inventory online and take in will-call orders.  When an order is canceled, inventory is immediately added back to the available inventory.

Will-Call & Pickup for Cannabis
ID Verification for Cannabis

ID Verification for Cannabis Dispensaries

We integrate with scanners, ID scanners and more to take images of ID’s, verify the information, validate the information, and more!

Real-Time Cannabis Inventory

Have your customers view your available inventory in real-time right in your store!  Use any large screen TV or monitor and you can run a real-time display of your product information.

Real-Time Cannabis Inventory