By Rob Sanchez • April 27, 2020

An ounce of Prevention is a pound of cure

The Cannabis Industry is often referred to as wild and tumultuous on a good day. When the Vape crisis at the end of 2019 happened most weren’t prepared for the follow-up punch of COVID-19. Both events required Cannabis leaders and the industry overall  to think and act quickly, whether that be repurpose Vape oil or race to train and hire a delivery staff. While similar in action and the quick thinking required, the Vape issues focused attention on cannabis regulations and safety, pointing out some areas where the industry was lacking and increasing pressure. As we know now COVID is painting a different picture across the states, as Cannabis Companies are deemed essential services in many states with a catch of mandatory deliveries required.

The task at hand requires flexibility in workflow, manufacturing, supply chain and retail processes as well as trust in your ERP Partner to be adaptable and responsive to the innovation needed. With some preventative action and an ERP like Viridian Sciences to rely on, leaders can harness the insights they need quickly through customized reporting and take action. Tools like Material Resource Planning allow users to run projections for the coming weeks and test simulations to work out the best decisions. With Inventory Management you can maintain safety stocks and have the system recommend purchase orders, inventory transfers and production orders keeping the supply chain moving at every step. 

Viridian Sciences provides Integrated Controls and Testing features that allow batches to be automatically quarantined and set aside when testing is required. Forward and backward traceability lends to a quick resolution for recalls and product investigations. An ERP provides an audit trail of actions and documents taken throughout the operation, gathering data at each key point. The dataset can be used across every level and department of the organization to display the values needed to take action giving leaders a tool to analyze their operations further. 

Taking time now to assess internal systems and processes is necessary to respond to current events and attempt to get ahead of the curve. While cannabis sales are soaring, Oregon for example had it’s best month in history. Other operations are fighting to get delivery licenses set up and respond to the changing pressures. Everyone is speculating on the industry impact, sales fluctuations and government assistance to come. The one thing that’s certain now as always in the Cannabis Industry is ‘permanent intolerable uncertainty’ which as author Urusula K LeGuin said is ‘the only thing that makes life possible'. Cannabis leaders can of course go above and beyond this by implementing integrated, seed-to-sale ERP solutions to collect, analyze and make decisions based on the data, needed for success.

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