By admin • October 18, 2014

Beauty of Harvest


Fall, the time of  year when nature prepares to close her eyes for a long winter nap.  The trees are dressed in their finest, showing off in a dazzling multi-faceted show of colors. Fiery reds, golden yellows and glowing oranges. The skyline is literally on fire with the myriad of fall color.

With the ever changing colors of fall comes the harvest of fall herbs and crops. Winter squashes, kale and broccoli, big fat round orange pumpkins ready to be carved into Jack-o-Lanterns and dare we say, oh yes we dare! Outdoor grown marijuana! All the wait is over, summer has come and gone, the flowers are ripe and ready to be plucked, trimmed and packaged and made ready for sale!  With the harvest of outdoor grown marijuana coming into the retail stores, prices are coming down as promised.  In the past couple of weeks, prices have come down quite a bit and are expected to drop even more.

Store shelves are full at the retail stores near by.  Plenty of different strains of marijuana and from quite a few different farms. I have seen Cannasol Farms,  Black Alpaca Farms, Farmer J's, Liberty Reach and Horse Heaven Hill, with more to come as the retail stores make more and better deals to both benefit them and the consumers.

Always remember: Good things come to those who have the patience to wait.

Happy Fall!

~Weed Viking~