By admin • August 15, 2014

Cannabis responsibility foundation launched:

At Viridian Sciences, we offer the world's leading regulation and compliance sofcharmsu certtware for the cannabis industry.  Being a socially responsible company, we understand and recognize the need for education of the safe uses of cannabis.  With this, we joined with community partners to form, The Cannabis & Hemp Awareness for Responsibility, Monitoring & Safe Use Foundation.



Our work supports community efforts to inform and advocate the safe and responsible use of cannabis.  Our focus is educating the public about social responsibility and how to start a discussion with youth and the community as a whole.

CharmsU seeks a large and diverse coalition membership in order to build the kind of national visibility and support needed to achieve its mission.  CharmsU members represent a broad cross-section of public and private organizations throughout the U.S.  Membership is open to any organization, school, agency, faith, community, business, or individual that supports the mission of the Foundation.  We strive to collaborate with all organizations and individuals working for a safe and responsible cannabis society.

We seek to achieve our mission in three ways:

1.  Education:

Education is crucial to the success and safe use of a polarizing industry.  CharmsU prepares community members from rural, suburban, and urban areas across the country to plan, organize, and present educational work that addresses the health and safety of the community and the responsible use of cannabis.

2.  Data Collection:

Ongoing data collection and reporting of Cannabis is important to raising public awareness and improving the climate for our communities.  CharmsU seeks to implement a national process to report the safe and responsible use of cannabis in our communities.

3.  Support Services:

CharmsU will make support available at the request of communities to help educate socially responsible uses of cannabis.  We can help by providing links to educational and community resources. 

If you'd like to learn more or join our coalition, please visit