By admin • June 20, 2014

Confession of a Medical Marijuana patient

Legalization of Marijuana has a special place in my heart. I have had chronic migraines since the age of 9. I have tried many, many different doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals and over the counter remedies with little to no success. Mostly the big pharmaceuticals just made me loopy, lazy, or just did not work at all. The side effects were just not worth the trouble at times.

I started using marijuana recreationally when I was 13 years old, so for about 36 years now. It was not until I was an adult, that by chance I was introduced to a strain of Medical Marijuana that helps me control my migraines. This is why legalization is important to me (both recreational and medical). There are so many more out there just like me. Suffering with chronic pain in some form or another. Forced to rely on what the Dr. orders. A bunch of medications that the human body is not supposed to have in it.
Marijuana is natural.
Has less side effects than major pharmaceuticals.  
It just plain helps.
That is why a well-managed system of regulation and tracking will end up with revenue for the states that are brave enough to legalize for medical as well as recreational use. This has been proven already by the state of Colorado, and now Washington State. There are now 23 states, New York being the newest, that have made Medical and/or Recreational Marijuana legal in some form or another. And the other states are not far behind. There are initiatives for legalization in almost all of the United States.
In a later blog I will try to give some facts as I find them and share them here with anyone willing to read what I have to say. I welcome discussions, feedback, and please, please be kind to all who come here.
This is a friendly place to share information with anyone who wants it.
Thank you for your time and patience,
The Weed Viking