By admin • July 20, 2014

Cruisin' the Gut 2014 pt. 2

It’s mid day and between 30-50k people converge on Main Street.

And it’s HOT!  I was still handing out, free, Yes, free water to make sure that our community stayed hydrated.

Now think of all that trash that people toss on the street.

There marijuana summer 2009were a group of volunteer youth going up and down Main Street picking up after those who were not respectful of the community. As they walked by, I made sure to get them water and one of the young gentlemen asked if he could take a brochure.

As the hours passed, smiles and cheers are shared.  Then young man returned.  He was bright red from the sun and I made sure to give him more water. He then pulled out the brochure and asked if he could talk about it.

The brochure was published in the summer of 2009.

He said that it wasn’t true.

And I was lost for words, because I’m still learning about marijuana and its uses. This 15 year old had done his research and was clearly right.

I admitted to him, that I requested any and all documentation that the WA State Clearing House had on marijuana.  And that I placed it on the table.  There were both pro’s and con’s and it was my responsibility to let the community form the dialogue.  ”I’m Switzerland.”  I just wanted to deliver what I could now that it’s a whole new reality in our state.

And I told him, here’s the problem.  We don’t have enough research on Cannabis and it’s been outlawed for so long that we unfortunately don’t have really “great” documents yet.

He then said he was a user for medicinal purposes because he has had multiple spinal surgeries and one just recently. And that cannabis is healing him.

As I stood there in the sunny day, he brought me to tears.

And a thought dawned on me.

I’ve invited him to meet with our State Rep this coming Tuesday.  And I’ve invited him to help me start our Foundation.

If our Foundation wants to do good work, we need to invite all ages to the table.

True change is happening. This is History in the making.

And I’m grateful to be a part of it.  If you have ideas or have better material we can use for social responsibility, will you please let me know?

With this, I pass the joint.