By admin • July 19, 2014

Cruisin' the Gut 2014 pt. 1


As I sit here in my lawn chair, exhausted from a long day, I feel like a kid again.

The smell of weenies roasting on the grill.

Kids playing in our parking lot chalking it up.


If you’ve never been to a Cruisin’ the Gut - you’re missing out.

This morning started out a little shaky. Not sure what this event is all about.I’m the guy who works for a weed software company, providing the world’s leading solution, handing out material about open and honest dialogue about responsible and safe consumption.

One guy who has a $140k show car immediately came to me and said. ”You guys aren’t going to be smoking weed out here” in an aggressive manner.

No, I answered. Weed is legal. I’m here to make sure that people are safe and consume responsibly.

He didn’t believe me. As I continued talking to him about my stance on drugs, and my position with non-profits directly working with Oregon Schools, he let his guard down.

He said he was worried about his kids.

And I responded, that’s why I’m here.

We chatted some more, and a few moments later, we started putting together our weed and weenies cut out signs together.

He then drove me to a hardware store out of the way to get sand bags.

After we loaded up the sand bags, he apologized. And he thanked me for the work that we’re doing in the community.

He became one of our awesome ambassadors for responsibility.

He’s one of the many amazing people that I met today.

We’re starting a dialogue.

This has been a very long day, but I have more to tell.

With that, I pass the joint.