By Viridian Sciences • April 20, 2020

Happy 420 - From Viridian Sciences

It’s April 20th,the biggest holiday in the cannabis industry! A weekend or more of black Friday like sales and purchasing across the industry and a celebration of the cannabis culture. It’s also a test of manufacturing, distribution and retail capacities across the industry as consumers line up for sales and discounts. This year to keep things interesting the cannabis industry has another piece to add to the puzzle as consumers are ordering from home and most retail locations are having to observe extreme social distancing guidelines or are delivery only. Once again the industry is adapting to change and rising to the occasion with delivery services and order tracking. Compliance isn’t far behind as new end points and state systems are being set up to handle the change in process.

April 20th draws large crowds to parks and events across the country to celebrate and partake, leading to lines out of the door. With a shift to online sales this year an emphasis on order tracking and delivery has been set that will alter the industry permanently. Instead of gathering en masse consumers are celebrating in online sessions using Zoom relying on the supply chain of their local dispensaries. To handle the change companies and states are reassessing their delivery processes.

In states like Nevada and California with deliveries operating since last year many locations were prepared for the process but not the volume. Nevada even altered the license process for deliveries to speed things up for locations who didn’t have delivery services before. Colorado has a mix of online and pickup ordering while others are setting up delivery and curbside services for the first time.  Everyone has to rely on their order management and inventory software at this point to keep the supply chain moving. Every state and each step of the process has been affected by the need for social distancing. Whether it be added shifts in manufacturing to reduce exposure chances or increased services.

Seed-to-Sale software is used to track and trace every aspect of inventory management, manufacturing, distribution and sales. With a solid system to rely on, companies have been able to increase their online orders while handling the pressures of the biggest holiday of the year. Putting a focus on the necessity of seed-to-sale technology within the industry. New compliance end points have been enabled to allow reporting to state agencies for sales and deliveries in D.C and Nevada. The industry has never been boring and continues to surprise us all. Viridian Sciences has been adapting with the changes though altering our metrc integration as states bring deliveries online.

With great people and software the industry will continue to grow. Happy 420 to all of our clients and users!

- Viridian Sciences 

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