Every day at work, I sit down at my desk and smile.  Never in my life did I ever think I would be doing the job I currently have.  I work for Viridian Sciences, a business management software company in the legal cannabis industry.

Wow.  Legal cannabis industry.  Just had to repeat that again as I do in my head each day.  I am the company's Administrative Assistant, the first person you will probably see if you come visit our office. (Come on by, we like company!)

One reason I smile is because of one of the projects I get to work on nearly each day. Updating a local retail marijuana stores web menu.  I get to post what is currently for sale on their shelves. I have been doing this for some months now, typing up each new strain, adding to an ever-growing database of every kind of legal marijuana there is for sale.  I anticipate each new list arriving on my desk. I read over it greedily like a little kid at Christmas.  I can’t wait to see what has changed on the menu.  What new strains have been added? Reading each description to see what characteristics they have.  I get to see the prices change, some go up, but mostly the prices have been coming down or at least leveling out some.  How can a person not smile reading all the fun names like Jack Skellington, Chocolate Chunk & Blueberry Grape Ape.  Typing the names here makes me giggle a bit.

For the first time since I joined the workforce, I smile when I go to work.  What I am doing is helping change the world. What we do will make a big difference. Yet, we are but a part of the force helping to repeal prohibition.


~Weed Viking~