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What's News This Week

Ok, well here it is another week. Time to put the joint down, check the news sources and do some typing. Let us see what is out there to talk about.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Researcher Fired, Cites Political Retaliation This week, University of Arizona professor and leading medical marijuana researcher Dr. Sue Sisley was fired from her position at the university. The University of Arizona refused to renew Dr. Sisley’s contract after advocates engaged in a contentious political struggle with state lawmakers to secure funding for her clinical study on the beneficial effects of marijuana on veterans with PTSD. Dr. Sisley cites her medical marijuana advocacy and research as the reason for her abrupt dismissal. The university’s action will significantly delay or even end her groundbreaking research, which had finally received almost all of the necessary federal approvals.

According to the LA Times: Sisley charges she was fired after her research – and her personal political crusading – created unwanted attention for the university from legislative Republicans who control its purse strings. “This is a clear political retaliation for the advocacy and education I have been providing the public and lawmakers,” Sisley said. “I pulled all my evaluations and this is not about my job performance.” In March, the National Institute on Drug Abuse moved to approve Sisley’s research. The decision came as a surprise because some researchers have long accused the institute of hostility to proposals aimed at examining the possible health benefits of marijuana. Sisley’s study was designed to involve veterans who would use marijuana in an observation facility on campus. She had lobbied state lawmakers for approval to use state funds collected at medical marijuana dispensaries to help pay for the work. When a powerful Republican senator maneuvered to block that money, some of Sisley’s allies launched an unsuccessful recall effort. Dr. Sisley has long been at the forefront of medical marijuana science, often traveling to testify in legislative hearings to support compassionate bills and derail the misinformation that is so often repeated by opponents of reform. MPP wishes her luck in appealing this decision and continuing her valuable research.

This is a HUGE step backward for our Vets needing help. My own son has PTSD, I know what it is like to be there holding his hand, having him curled in my lap deep in shuddering tears in the middle of the night after he woke from horrible nightmares. Our vets need this research, they need our help and they are not getting it. There is not much research being done due to the Prohibition of Marijuana in the UNITED STATES, more needs to be done in all aspects for our Vets!

in an article from the Marijuana Business Daily, ( Medical marijuana regulators in Oregon have conducted two dozen surprise visits at dispensaries over the past three months, one of which resulted in a closure. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which oversees the state’s cannabis industry, shared that information at a weekend meeting with more than 100 marijuana business owners and employees. Officials held the meeting to discuss the first few months of the state’s legal dispensary program. Tom Burns, director of the dispensary program, said a dispensary in Portland was forced to close after inspectors witnessed consumption of cannabis on the premises, the sale of products to unlicensed customers and security problems. At the meeting, regulators provided dispensary representatives with a checklist to prepare for the inspections. Action items on the list include making sure surveillance equipment records for 30 days, using proper packaging and labeling, and being stringent with checking patient licenses. Businesses also need to prepare for an inventory audit by regulators to ensure products are not being sold to the black market, Burns said. The forum allowed business representatives to pepper regulators with questions. Among the queries: Can a dispensary remain open if a school opens next door? (No.) Can a dispensary ditch the childproof packaging if the customer is elderly and isn't around children? (No.) Is the dispensary or the grower responsible for ensuring that products are tested? (Dispensary.) Can a dispensary sell seeds to a grower? (No.)

In another Marijuana Business Daily Article Council: Berkeley Dispensaries Must Provide Free Cannabis: Medical marijuana dispensaries in Berkeley, California, must provide some free cannabis to low-income patients, the city council ruled in what appears to be a first for the medical marijuana industry. Under the new regulations, dispensaries must set aside at least 2% of all products, which will be provided at no cost to very low-income patients. The cannabis must be of the same quality as the products sold to paying customers. “Basically, the city council wants to make sure that low-income, homeless, indigent folks have access to their medical marijuana, their medicine,” said Berkeley City Council member Darryl Moore. Read the full article here: ( Wow, this is a great step forward for the low income Medical Marijuana patients who need help with the cost of their medicine, at least in Berkley CA.

Ok, so it is the July 4th Holiday – Independence Day Weekend, the time of year we celebrate our freedom in the USA. It is a few days away from our next step forward into Weed Independence – Washington States Legal Recreational Marijuana sales officially start July 8, 2014.  On July 9th 2014, join me and many others on Main Street in Vancouver WA as one of the first Legal Recreational Marijuana shops open their doors – JOIN US…I hear there will be a celebration going on all day…Thanks to Viridian Sciences who will also be celebrating their grand opening that day. There will be some FUN things going on in the parking lot.

Remember, celebrate your new found Weed Freedom, but do it in a safe and sane manner.  Just like drinking and driving can get you a DUI, so can getting high and driving.

Happy 4th of July to all! Sing a song and hit the bong and be happy you are free!

Catch ya next week!

The Weed Viking


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