By admin • November 8, 2014

Power to Lead MJBA Women's Event

A fantastic, exciting event took place on the night of November 6 2014.  A room full of women gathered in a hotel banquet room in Bellevue, WA with one purpose: to talk about women in cannabusiness. Close to 50 women (including myself and another female co-worker from Viridian Sciences) gathered around tables talking about all levels and types of marijuana businesses. There were administrative professionals, attorneys, media specialists and CEO’s of companies, all of them women.

So what was this historic event? It was the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA) Women’s Alliance meeting.  The theme of the evening was “Power to Lead” and the meeting was sponsored by Eden Labs LLC, Washington Bud Company, Ladybud magazine, WAM Oil & NWMJ Law, all women owned or ran businesses.

The evening was full of energy as each speaker took the stage and gave exciting speeches.  Each one building on the other filled with history and the future of women in the new frontier of legal cannabis.

Our mistress of ceremonies for the evening was Shawn DeNae of Washington Bud Company.  She kept the room excited and full of energy as she introduced each speaker to the stage.  Washington Bud Company also provided all the beautiful center pieces on each table.  They were large coffee mugs with the company logo on them, filled with roses, they were beautiful.

The evening’s speakers were:

AC Braddock of Eden Labs, a woman pioneer in cannabis oil extraction equipment.

Legal pioneer Anne Leynseele of NWMJ Law

Giana Lampreda of WAM Oil

Diane Fornbacher - publisher of Ladybud Magazine

Debbie Whitlock – host of Femmenation and Femme Finance radio programs

These ladies each took turns telling us about being empowered as women in the new legal marijuana frontier. Each speech made me feel excited and encouraged, I went away feeling like I could do just about anything.

I am very excited to be a part of history in the making.  It has been a long time coming, not just the legalization of marijuana, but also, the rise of more women owned businesses.

Cannabis is a great coming out for women, it is our chance to rise to the top and be noticed.

Thank you to the MJBA Women’s Alliance for putting on a truly mind changing event.  I look forward to the next one.


~Weed Viking~



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