By Elijah Basore • April 14, 2020

Ramping up for outdoor season

As new developments revolving around the cannabis industry, the pandemic, and the economy come up daily, many people have been left wondering if Earth was knocked off its axis into the twilight zone. With everything that has been happening many people didn’t notice that while we may not be in the twilight zone, the Earth’s axis did change.

With the change of the axis also comes many growers' favorite time of year, the start of outdoor season. While many operations nationwide are feeling the pinch of the current pandemic staffing issues this hasn’t slowed down man from getting seeds and clones in the ground. With many operations only able to utilize essential personnel and many ancillary businesses forced to operate under the same staffing conditions concerns about the logistics of this season are understandable. “Will I be able to get a crew out here to put up the new greenhouse?” “Will I be able to get an electrician and code inspector out to sign off on the paperwork?” All of these types of concerns and more are completely valid given the current affairs in the U.S. and the world at large. 

Luckily in many states cannabis and construction have been deemed essential. The economy as a whole though has slowed with unemployment suspected to reach 32% nationwide according to news outlets. The effect that this sudden spike in unemployment and economic slowdown has, and may potentially continue to have, on dispensaries is not yet known. While early numbers from late March show an increase in purchases the complete picture is still not available. If sales at stores slump then many cultivators may have to re-evaluate their numbers for the season to actually drop the count down. This strategy would provide businesses with the opportunity to save money on overhead to ensure payroll and other expenses are able to be met. In addition to this while plants are in the ground outdoors, plants are still coming down indoors. The inevitable backlog of product and subsequent flood of product to follow life, and sales, returning to normal will inevitably be a serious problem for all growers. 

As with all floods of product prices are going to bottom out which may leave many facilities unable to make ends meet even after unloading all of their stock. While outdoor growing can have famously low overhead in terms of electricity, nutrients, and supplies the labor cost for growing and harvesting could nullify any savings due to bottom line prices on pounds proving that the net isn’t unbreakable. 

Fortunately though Viridian Sciences’ financial system can help companies stay on track to weather these turbulent times. With the ability to get granular financial details about current, past, and even future crop cycles you will be able to make the most informed decisions possible based on your past performance. This coupled with Viridian’s ability to program workflows for your team will ensure that there is no loss in productivity. This coupled with the ability to build reports, run SQL queries, and manipulate large amounts of plants in a single action truly make Viridian a tool worth investing in. 

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