By Pace LaVia • January 21, 2020

SAP Business One: the gold standard for Cannabis ERP


In this post, we’ll introduce you to an enterprise resource planning system SAP Business One, the gold standard ERP for agriculture, and the backbone of Viridian Sciences cannabis ERP software. We’ll go over the advantages of using a robust ERP system in agriculture and talk about specific advantages that are provided by SAP Business One for cannabis companies. 

So you want to succeed in the cannabis industry. Whether you’re growing medical or recreational marijuana or hemp for CBD or industrial use, you need seed-to-sale software. These systems provide powerful tools not only for seed-to-sale tracking, but also for tracking variables related to cultivating, manufacturing, testing, distribution, and selling of marijuana and hemp products. Without these tools, cannabis operations will find it difficult if not impossible to maximize return on investment. 

But there’s also another set of tools that can make or break a cannabis enterprise that has little to do with growing cannabis and everything to do with all other aspects of running a successful cannabis operation. These tools are referred to as enterprise resource planning systems, or ERPs. 

Viridian Sciences offers a cannabis ERP that not only includes seed-to-sale software but also provides the information technology required to run a business from end to end. How do we do this? We partner with the world’s gold-standard ERP developer.

SAP Business One: The gold-standard ERP for cannabis

The world’s largest and most successful ERP developer is a company called SAP. SAP is a multinational corporation based in Germany that has over 335,000 customers worldwide. Their ERPs make up the nervous systems of many thousands of agribusinesses around the globe. Their ERP product, SAP Business One, is the gold-standard ERP system for agriculture. 

SAP Business One provides tools for seamless integration of all business functions and operations including sales and purchase contracts, project planning and budgeting, inventory and warehouse management, contracting and subcontracting, cash flow management, quality assurance, import/export management, HR, accounting, purchasing, and much more.

Viridian Sciences cannabis ERP and SAP Business One information technology provide a complete suite of tools for real-time tracking of data related to every aspect of any type of cannabis/hemp operation. 

Viridian Sciences is the leader in SAP Business One integration for cannabis enterprises. Our team has the experience to get cannabis operations up and running and fully integrated with Business One — including cultivation tracking and regulatory reporting — quickly and painlessly. 

Give us a call today at (385) 323-9115 to schedule a demo of Viridian Sciences cannabis cultivation software including SAP Business One tailored for cannabis operations. 

Applications of SAP Business One ERP for cannabis operations

  • Real-time reporting
  • Multi-dimensional accounting
  • Sales and purchase contracts
  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Contracting and subcontracting
  • Cash flow management
  • Quality assurance
  • Import/export management
  • Human resources management
  • Purchasing and receiving
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Vendor and customer relationship management
  • Point-of-purchase/dispensary management
  • Multiple currencies
  • Budgeting
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Demand forecasting
  • Tracking of marketing and sales metrics
  • Agricultural production
  • Farmer Collaboration
  • Trading and risk management
  • Supply Chain management
  • Transportation management
  • Much, much more
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