By Elijah Basore • April 7, 2020

To seed or not to seed?

You finally found it after countless hunts, the keeper pheno. But now you’re faced with a dilemma, do I run this cut until I can’t stand it anymore or do I use it as genetic stock for my next success and run it until that is ready? 

While a lot of facilities may not have the ability to try their hand at breeding, an equal number of facilities do and are trying their hand at it. With many states having regulations in place about the introduction of new strains, breeding internally has provided many a reprieve from having to run the same cut of 24K Gold that you got at the DNA booth while attending the 2014 Cannabis Cup, until you die. Being able to take existing plant stock and create new strains has not only allowed businesses to stay agile but also ahead of the consumer’s want for the “new.” Additionally the ability to generate new inhouse genetics has provided many company’s with an alternative source of income in between harvests or in some cases has been more profitable than selling flower and trim. However, the question has to be asked, is everything put out by your favorite grow/breeder really that good?

Almost weekly it seems that a new Wedding Cake or Gelato cross pops up, no pun intended. With this seemingly constant stream of strains hitting the market it’s no surprise that some portions of the growing and breeding community have voiced concerns about the quality of these genetics. With claims online ranging from low germination rates to 100% germination with 100% hermaphroditism it’s no wonder that grows can be sceptical of the seed stock of these new strains. Additionally as many of the new strains are poly-hybrids that are crosses of other poly-hybrids there can be a stagnation in the terpene profile department. While I’ll freely admit to enjoying Wedding Cake, MAC, and Thin Mintz, after a bit the want for something different is definitely there. So if you’re going to do inhouse breeding, pheno hunts, or just deciding to retain a new strain in your garden how can you make sure you are using the best parental plants and not being one dimensional with what you produce?

With Viridian Science’s seed to sale ERP system you will have the tools at your disposal to look at the data obtained from past cycles to help you make the most informed decisions possible. With the ability to create reports that can compare everything from cost of production to average harvest weights for each pheno you can know that you are putting out the best product and using the best stock for your next breeding project. This robust reporting coupled with Viridian’s comprehensive QA testing functionality will help make those critical choices with a greater confidence. Having those tools and more you know that your strains will make sure to have customers feeling the bright white light shining right between their eyes and coming back for more.


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