By admin • January 15, 2015

Update : Major Cyber-Security Flaw in Washington State’s Cannabis Tracking System!

Thanks to all for the input on such an important topic. We thought long and hard on how best to inform our cannabis industry peers of this potentially intrusive security risk within the WSLCB traceability system.

Washington state is a pioneer in the legalization of cannabis in the US and we are a leading cannabis technology company, as such, we felt obligated to present found security risks in the current system while collaboratively working to resolve and improve the health of our WSLCB tractability moving forward.

Although this security vulnerability was undetected in the WSLCB Tractability system since the launch in July 2014, we commend the state for their effort to fix the issues quickly once they were alerted to the problem and solution(1/12/15).

Due to the length of time this network was insecure and in our opinion no way for the state to know if your data has actually been compromised.

Below are the minimum steps we suggest users of the State's system take to ensure they once again have a secure connection to the WSLCB tractability system moving forward:

Step 1: Go to the Washington state system at

Step 2: Click on "Licensee Login"









Step 3: Click on "Forgot your password?", fill out your e-mail address and UBI number then click on "Reset Now".