By Justin Dufour • October 11, 2017

Uptime - Data in the Cloud, when you want it, anytime, anywhere, any device

Cloud Based Seed to Sale software - your information where and when you need itThe cannabis industry is race and having your data available to your team in real-time will make or break the success of your enterprise. Because the industry is so reactive to change in both demand and regulation a well-run business needs to know what is happening the moment it is happening. Regardless if you are in the office, on the road, or on vacation your business never stops and neither should your access to your system. No one wants to hinge the success of their business on a box in the basement. When using the cloud and a Software-as-a-Service model you can elevate this stress. Most cloud providers will have a redundant back up and disaster recovery plan in case there is an outage and full-time staff maintaining the servers so if this happens there will be little or no disruption your solution. In-house servers can go down for a number of reasons and when this happens your business stops until it is fixed. Depending on the situation this could be hours or days and potentially very bad for your business.

Having a real-time cloud based business management solution will help your business in several ways.

First, with a cloud based system there is no need for an extensive IT department to support in-house servers or manage IT infrastructure. By selecting the right solution management partner they will be able to take this burden away from you and you can focus your time and money on growing your business verses maintaining hardware and software as it gets old and outdated.

Second, a good ERP system will operate in real-time. A business is a continuously evolving entity that takes on a life of its own. This fact is what makes real-time data availability so important. You need to know what is happening in your business, right now and have the analytics to produce better forecasting to see into the future.

Do you have enough supply to meet the current demand?

Do you have enough raw materials on hand to process your current orders?

How is your sale’s pipeline doing and what new sales are you expecting?

These are questions that can only be answered with real-time data. If you have been spending you limited time and resources compiling and collating the data from yesterday’s numbers, you will always find yourself behind your competitors.

Know more than your competitors and make your business run simple.

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