With only a little more than four months of business in the cannabis industry, software company Viridian Sciences, nestled in the corner of a small brick office building on Main Street in Vancouver WA, is taking the world by storm with their one of a kind complete seed to sale business management software solution for the cannabis industry.

One would think that being so new on the scene this company can’t have accomplished much, but you'd be wrong. Within the first few weeks after opening the doors to the office, this small company with ten employees at the time pulled off a major event – Weed and Weenies! Wow what a great time that was, it was a beautiful day, and a revolutionary one…the day MARIJUANA WAS LEGALLY SOLD FOR THE FIRST TIME in SW Washington State! Viridian Sciences was there when Main Street Marijuana, the first legal marijuana store in SW Washington opened their doors just a block up the road, so…we threw a heck of party! With music, munchies, water and vendors to keep the long line of consumers waiting for their turn in the pot shop entertained and hydrated.

Next up, Seattle Hempfest and Tacoma CannaCon at the same time. CannaCon in the Tacoma Dome and Hempfest down on the waterfront in Seattle, for all intent and purpose, at opposite ends of the world.  We made a plan, and decided to divide and conquer. Three of us went to the three day Hempfest festival and seven went to the five day CannaCon conference.  Both were raging successes.

This particular Hempfest held in Seattle WA, was the first Hempfest held since Recreational Marijuana became legal in Washington State. It made this festival very special as it was the first time there was a “smoking garden” at each end of the festival for adults 21 and over, so they could imbibe with their favorite utensil and strain of weed and or dabs. It was all there and in the open for the first time no one was afraid of getting busted for doing what should have been legal a very long time ago. Here is an earlier blog on Hempfest http://viridiansciences.com/hempfest-seattle-first-weed-viking/

CannaCon, the first cannabis trade show in history, showed off various tools and services focused on the budding recreational marijuana market in Washington State.  Viridian Sciences was there demonstrating their revolutionary software and services. Here is an earlier blog on CannaCon http://viridiansciences.com/viridian-sciences-dominates-cannacon/

June, July and August...check.

In September, Viridian Sciences hosted their first MJBA (Marijuana Business Association) meet-up in Vancouver WA.  This brought together some of the local dispensary owners, producer/processors and even a congressional candidate Bob Dingethal who is very much on board with the cannabis movement.  It was a very good night of networking with some of the local cannabusiness folks.

Our next event is in November, and we are feverishly preparing ourselves for LAS VEGAS! This is the big tradeshow, the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo November 12-14, 2014 being held at the Las Vegas Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino. This is where Viridian Sciences brings out the major unveiling and demonstration of our full software package.  We will be showing off all the features including: full seed to sale reporting, retail point of sale, financial accounting, automated inventory tracking, purchasing, human resources, banking, legal compliance, grow management, quality control, and so much more!

Four months down. See you in Vegas!


Weed Viking

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