By admin • June 27, 2014

What’s news on the legalization front?

Ok, so here it is a new week. Let’s take a look at what is going on in the world of Legalization shall we…

As a project, I was assigned four states (Oregon, Montana, Rhode Island, and Vermont) to follow Marijuana Legalization news, so with that in mind let’s sit back and light up a fatty and see what’s in the news.

Oregon, up until June 24thish…there were 3 initiatives out there for folks to sign their names on. One is the NAO (New Approach Oregon – which has now surpassed the number of names needed to qualify for the ballot on November 4, 2014.  As of Thursday June 26, 2014, NAO will be submitting 145,210 signatures to qualify for the November 4 ballot, this is 60,000 more than they needed to make it!  Will Oregon have full legalization by 2015???? We can only hope!

The other two initiatives were by OCTA (Oregon Cannabis Tax Act - which continually had issues with the canvassers that were out there trying to get signatures, the OCTA initiatives sponsor Paul Stanford of the THCF Medical Marijuana clinics was the main sponsor for OCTA has since tabled the petitions for lack of signatures. So it looks like the NAO initiative will be the one the lucky Oregonians will get to vote on in November.  So, put down the bong, grab a pen, and write in BIG bold letters VOTE ON NOVEMBER 4 for Initiative #53 to legalize! More on the initiative can be found here: If you have not signed it yet, you can do so on the website.

Montana, they had something going to try to get on the ballot this year, but have deferred until the 2016 presidential election comes along. According to a post on the Montana chapter of NORML website quoted here:  “The war on marijuana is now entering its final stages, and Montana NORML is gearing up to play its part. We are actively planning a voter initiative campaign for the 2016 presidential election that would tax and regulate marijuana for adults similar to Colorado’s program. We now have a financial commitment of over $500,000 toward that effort from a leading marijuana advocacy group interested in funding that campaign! But it takes more than money, and there is much work to do. Real change can only happen if it is based on the time, energy and commitment of our supporters. In coming weeks, we will be asking for your help in forming and running several key groups to support our state-wide, multi-year campaign to put marijuana prohibition in the ground permanently.”

Rhode Island, the Marijuana Policy Project website ( reported that as of June 21, 2014 the Rhode Island legalization effort is being tabled until possibly 2015. They are taking a wait and see approach, with more studies in the works to see what happens.

Vermont, the Marijuana Policy Project website ( “Poll shows 57% of Vermonters support regulating marijuana like alcohol; legislature passes bill to improve medical marijuana access and study impacts of legalization and regulation. The case for regulating and taxing marijuana in Vermont was bolstered in May 2014, when a poll commissioned by MPP and conducted by the Castleton Polling Institute found 57% support for the idea. Only 34% of Vermonters said they were opposed.” Vermont is going to study the issue for a bit, starting in 2014.

All four of these states have at least legalized the medical use of Marijuana. So…next step??? For all of these states, sure hope they stop looking through the rosy glasses and sit down with a fatty and relax, get mellow, and clear the path to responsible marijuana legalization. It is up to the people to make this happen, get out there and show you really want this to happen. Sign the petitions, join the cause and when we get marijuana legal, we can all sit down and take a big bong hit…hold for 1, 2, 3, and breathe out in a responsible relaxed fashion in celebration.

Thank you again for your time and patience as I ramble on. Next week...not sure where the focus will be yet...

Please leave me a comment or two, let me know what you would like to have me talk about, so I know you're still breathing out there. Remember…please be nice…


The Weed Viking

p.s. July 8…will be a Monumental day in Washington State…Where will you be that day?

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